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    Chinmaya Madan Toronto, an entrepreneur at heart, enjoys leveraging his extensive communication, analytical, and strategic thinking skills to get results. He is also passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge with others.

    Madan believes in lifelong learning, taking from books, the classroom, or the world itself. As a testament to this, Chinmaya Madan Toronto recently completed a master's in AI while working full-time. Madan got his PMP and completed a product management course all in the span of 12 months.

    Madan considers himself a casual coder with a penchant for data, analytics, and design. He believes artificial intelligence will be the bedrock for tomorrow's software products. In the long term, Madan is interested in building and scaling technology solutions driven by the transformative power of AI.

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    In 2018, of the around 9,100 patents received by IBM inventors, 1,600 we related to artificial intelligence (AI). Furthermore, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, donated $10 million to help fund research for the non-profit research firm OpenAI. Chinmaya Madan notes that these two acts alone have proven...
    Artificial Intelligence expert Chinmaya Madan continues to promote empathy along with a passion to increase AI technology for use worldwide. Madan just started a position as a Data Science Program Manager in July 2020 at the Seattle Microsoft center. “I like building intelligent things, so the...
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